The Three Conflicts From the Vin DiCarlo Pandora’s Box System

Understanding the feminine psyche is very important to any man that wants a leg up on the competition. If you don’t understand what’s going on in women’s heads, you don’t understand women.
Pandora’s Box starts teaching you how to better understand women by teaching you to ask women 3 Questions.  The point of these questions is to better understand the intense, emotional conflicts that are raging inside every woman (obviously to varying degrees).  Learning about these conflicts and how women resolve them is the key to understanding women and to attracting the opposite sex.

The Three Conflicts

1. Time: Women are programmed to mate with the most dominant and high-status men. They want to screen men to find the best possible prospect, but society disapproves of women who stay single too long. This conflict produces cougars who aggressively pursue men as they get older. They’re moving fast because time is running out. Men, on the other hand, get more comfortable with age. Status increases, dominance is higher and, with Viagra, they can reproduce into their 80’s.

2. Sex: Women want sexual pleasure and emotional intimacy, but traumatic experiences have taught them to be careful. This kind of girl can be very affectionate but, at the last minute, she gets scared and throws up a wall. Men are different. If anything, having sex increases our status.

3. Relationship: Biology compels women to be supportive and nurturing, but at the same time they’re driven to achievement in case no man is there to provide. Successful women will often quit work to focus on home and family, while men are driven to work harder because now there’s a family to feed.

Resolving these conflicts involves balancing biological instincts with societal pressures. How a woman resolves her conflicts and the strategies she uses determine both her language and her personality.

Women speak a very different language than men.  That’s why it sometimes seems impossible to understand what she’s really saying or to understand her behavior.  But if you understand the mind of the girl in front of you, you can decode her language to understand what she really means and where she’s really coming from.  And almost all of this female-language stems from the three core conflicts.  Understand the conflicts that are happening inside of her and suddenly you can understand what a girl is ACTUALLY trying to say.  And better communication leads to better attraction and a better chance of actually sleeping with a girl or making her your girlfriend.

But each woman is different.  Some are more conflicted by Sex.  Others are more conflicted by Time and Relationships and have almost no conflict with Sex.  They’re all different.  And because these conflicts are so intense, a woman must develop a characteristic coping strategy for each one. Every conflict gives her a choice between two basic strategies. While all women must resolve the same conflicts, the strategies they choose give rise to different personalities. As in most conflicts, she can compromise and make peace, or she can go on the warpath for what she really wants. The strategies she chooses become habitual, define her behavior, and make her different than other women.

In Pandora’s Box, DiCarlo teaches that the first step is to figure out what kind of girl you’re dealing with.  Otherwise, you’re communicating with every woman in the same way (even though everyone knows women are NOT all the same).

After that, you know her type.  And when you know her type, you can tailor your game and your approach.  So you have fewer nights where 10-20% of the girls like you, but the other 80% are just “meh.”  My thinking is that it’s because everyone learns 1 type of way to interact with girls and then uses that on every girl that they meet.  And you’re left wondering “How come some of these girls love me and the rest just look at me like I’m invisible?”

The second step is obviously, when you know a woman’s strategies, conflicts, and personality, to align yourself with her personality (or her “type” as laid out in the “8 Types of Women”).

And that’s pretty much it.  You start behaving in a way that she’s looking for already and suddenly, where you used to be invisible, you’re the most interesting and attractive man that she’s met in a LONG TIME.  And in that regard, Pandora’s Box is pretty much unique.  I haven’t seen anything else out there that actually tries to find out what type of girl you’re dealing with before you try to seduce her or pick her up or whatever.  Which, if you think about it, is kind of shocking.

The strategies that are the best at seducing her depend ENTIRELY on the strategies she has chosen for herself to deal with the conflicts inside of herself and with the world.  If you use the wrong strategies (like trying to act cocky/funny to a girl that’s wired at the moment for safe, comfortable relationships) , you’ll get undesirable results.  What works for one woman doesn’t necessarily work for another.  And I think most of us have had to learn this the hard way.


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